Outdoor Research Andromeda Capri Review


The Andromeda Capri from Outdoor Research won me over, but not for the reasons I expected.

The Andromeda is a mix of cotton and spandex which means they’re really comfortable and stretchy. Outdoor Research recommends them for climbing, however I wasn’t totally convinced. After a few outdoor outings, I decided the Andromeda wouldn’t be my climbing capri for my outdoor adventures. Here’s why:

1) I have a booty. Tight spandex + climbing harness + booty = is just not for me. Tights might be in right now, but this girl won’t be jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon.

2) The material. Yes, they’re really comfortable! But, cotton is not a preferred material for outdoor adventures. It doesn’t dry as fast as other materials and it’s just not quite as breathable or light as I prefer on warm summer days. The material is also not as resistant to tears, water, and dirt as I’d prefer.


So the Andromeda isn’t my go-to capri for climbing outside. I’ll stick to my Outdoor Research Clearview pants for outdoor adventures. That doesn’t mean this capri wasn’t awesome. Here’s what I loved about the Andromeda:

1) The fit.

I’m guilty of spending too much money on a flattering pair of stretchy yoga-like pants and capris. The Andromeda capri material is thicker than some yoga capris I’ve owned and it’s flattering. I’m not exactly sure why, but I also feel like they have a slimming effect. I really love how they fit me! The Andromeda sits a little higher than some of my other capris and that helps them stay in place. They never dipped too low when I was moving or stretching in them.

2) They dry faster than I expected.

Yes, the thicker material got a little warm during outdoor activities and I was constantly worried that I was going to have a sweaty booty. But, it never happened.

3) The zippered pocket.

This is the first pair of capris that I’ve owned with a zippered pocket. Not only do I love a pocket, but I really love a pocket that holds my cell phone.

4) They’re really dang comfortable.

This capri is excellent for travel, yoga, bouldering, running errands, and just lounging. Yes, that list included bouldering. They didn’t make the cut for my outdoor sport climbing adventures, but I wear them just about every time I head to the gym for bouldering.

So, will I take them outside climbing? Probably not. But, I’m certainly finding them useful. The Andromeda capri is surprisingly flattering, the fit is awesome, and best of all they’re affordable. I would definitely recommend them.





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