Outdoor Research Clearview Pants Review


When shopping for gear, finding a pair of pants, that fit right, is the most challenging thing I face. I’m pretty sure many women would agree with me on this. Each of us have our issues: Too short, too tall, hips, no hips, the list goes on.

When the Outdoor Research Clearview Pants arrived at my door, I was pleasantly surprised about how well they fit. I still remained a little skeptical of how they would do outdoors. I’ve had plenty of pants that didn’t present any obvious issues until I got mid-climb or hike.


The Clearview pants did great! Everything I was concerned about quickly faded after just a few wears. Here’s what I love most:

  • The material (cotton canvas + lycra)
  • Fits well under harness
  • Belt loops
  • Large pockets
  • Breathable

The material is my absolute favorite feature! It’s tough and stretchy, which is great while climbing, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. I was concerned that they would get super baggy (a battle I often have with my hiking/climbing pants), but they didn’t. They do stretch out a little, but not so much that I ever need a belt. Although I didn’t need a belt, I’m still glad to see belt loops, because drawstrings are just silly. Even with the temperatures bordering on the triple digits, I can still wear these pants, because the material is nice and  breathable. The large pockets are great for outdoor adventures. I’m constantly throwing snacks, my phone, and other gadgets in my pockets while I’m playing outside.


At 5’7″ the length was perfect, but after one wash and dry, they did shrink a bit. More-so for all the women who are shorter or taller than me, I’d like to see OR offering different inseam sizes.

The Clearview pants are my new favorite pants for all of my outdoor adventures, especially climbing. I can’t promise they’ll fit you, as well as they fit me, but I would highly recommend checking them out!

Price: $79

Weight: 15.5 oz

Color: grey (charcoal) and brown (mushroom)

I tested the Clearview pants in the mushroom color, size 4. My pants size ranges between 4-6, and I’ve found OR pants usually fit me best in a size 4.


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