Wool Isn’t Just for Cold Weather: Ibex Lotus Print Tee Review

When contacted to review the Ibex  Lotus Print Tee, I eagerly said yes. The more I review active wear, the more I find myself leaning towards wool instead of synthetics. The Lotus Tee was unlike any wool I have ever tested before.  Not only is it technical, but it’s a great looking technical tee, that you can easily wear around town and no one will guess it’s your work out top.

photo-1In Colorado it’s hard to see wool working sometimes, because it’s so dry. Even during an intense workout, I don’t sweat as much as I would in humidity. I was eager to take the wool shirt to Florida. As soon as I mentioned trying out wool in Florida I got responses like “Wearing wool in Florida makes me cringe.” Why? Because most people think of their thick wool ski socks or their long underwear. I could tell my Florida friends were skeptical that wool could be used in warm weather. It was fun showing everyone how light-weight wool could be! After letting everyone feel the material, I took the Lotus Print Tee on a nice 85 degree Florida bike ride. With little effort I was sweating in no time, and the shirt was quick to dry. It didn’t feel too hot, however I would have preferred a top like the  Woolies150 Racerback without sleeves for Florida. The thin 18.5 micron Merino Wool fabric is so thin that it doesn’t feel like wool at all. It’s comfortable, light and dries quick.

Concern: I have one issue with this shirt. The length is a bit short.  It sits right above my hips, near the top of pants. For biking it rode up a bit, and I wasn’t willing to take it climbing because I knew it wouldn’t stay down when I raised my arms. I like my shirts to be longer, especially when they’re used for outdoor pursuits.

It should also be noted that wool is not always as cheap as synthetic. I appreciate that the Lotus Tee can be used as both a work out tee and as casual wear.

Long story short, I’m a big advocate of wool. What I love about Ibex is their ability to combine such an amazing material and give it style that you can wear anytime, anywhere.  Whether it’s a chilly day or a hot day, humidity or dry weather, wool is worth it. Not only does wool seem to hold-up longer than my synthetics, but it doesn’t get nearly as smelly as my other synthetic work out tops. Check it out this summer and tell me what you think!

Three tops I’d love to try in the summer:

View more photos of the Ibex Lotus Print Tee on Instagram.

Shop the Coffee Table App with your tablet.

Do you wear wool on warm days? 

I received the Ibex Lotus Tee for testing purposes. This in no way influenced my review. Ibex asked that I share my opinion, both good or bad. High five to brands like Ibex who want to hear what the average outdoor enthusiast has to say about their gear!


5 thoughts on “Wool Isn’t Just for Cold Weather: Ibex Lotus Print Tee Review

  1. How is the sizing? I have to buy online with no way to return, the Ibex size chart lists S as 4-6 and M as 8-10. I’m generally a size 6-8, what do you think I should get?

    1. Hi Jenny! I’m always right in between S and M too. I think it depends on how you like your shirts. I prefer mine to be a little looser and usually size up. The size small in the Lotus Tee fits me perfectly, but I wouldn’t want it to shrink. I’m 5’7″ and around 125 lbs. Hopefully that helps!

      1. Hi Whitney, I decided to go with small! I hope it’ll fit me and I’ll be sure to only wash it in cold water 🙂
        Ibex customer service were very helpful and quick to respond and they provided me with measurements for the Lotus Tee. It still wasn’t easy to decide though… measurements are similar to my Icebreaker t-shirts, another brand that I’m in between sizes in. Small fits, but is just slightly tighter than I like in hot and humid weather. Medium is slightly big and sloppy looking… crossing my fingers for the Ibex shirt 🙂

        The Small:
        Center Front Body Length (from neck seam to bottom hem): 17 1/4″
        Center Back Body Length (from the neck seam to bottom hem): 23 1/4″
        Chest at the Underarm: 35″
        Bottom Sweep: 36 1/2″

        The Medium:
        Center Front Body Length (from seam to Bottom hem): 17 3/4″
        Center Back Body Length (from seam to bottom hem): 23 3/4″
        Chest at Underarm: 37″
        Bottom Sweep: 38 1/2″

      2. Excellent! Thanks for sharing the sizing, I know how frustrating sizes can be. Keep me posted on how you like the small and the Tee!
        Also, thanks again for checking out my review!

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