prAna Moab Pant vs prAna Monarch Convertible Pant

I have seen too many complaints about woman’s technical pants lately, too short, too long, too loose, weird sizing, not enough size options…. you name it. How frustrating! Where are all the woman’s pants?

Monarch Convertible Pant:


Upon flipping through I stumbled upon one of her older reviews of the prAna Bliss Capri and realized that I too haven’t had great experience with my prAna pants. While I haven’t tried the Bliss Capri, I have the Monarch Convertible Pants and both use drawstring. Drawstring does not work. If your pants get a little loose while you’re hiking or climbing drawstring won’t reinforce them. Both the newer version of the Monarch Pant’s and the Bliss Capri come with belt loops, but I do not find belts comfortable to wear with a pack or a harness.

What bums me out the most? The very similar Men’s Stretch Zion Convertible Pant’s from prAna has two options in colors, an adjustable belt and different inseams to choose from.

Wearing the Monarch Convertible Pant to hike class 4 on Mt. Lindsey. As you can see they're getting a little low...
Wearing the Monarch Convertible Pant to hike Mt. Lindsey. They’re getting a little low.

Here is my list of pros and cons for the Monarch Convertible Pant:

Pros: Very comfortable material. 97% Nylon/3% Spandex making them light, fast drying and durable. Cargo pockets on the side for extra space. Sizing in numbers. If you’re interested in a good-looking pair of casual pants these are excellent. I also really like that they un-zip into capris.

Cons: Drawstring does not reinforce the pants when they get saggy, leaving only belt loops as an option. These pants seem to only come in “Stone” color (Khaki) which gets dirty easily. There is no choice in length of inseam.

Another review on the Monarch Convertible Pant that you may find useful if you’re looking for a good pair of casual pants.

Moab Pant Review:


While discussing my disappointment of drawstring pants with @Geargals on twitter, @Highsteph (Steph Davis) recommended we take a look at a few other pairs of pants, one being the Moab Pant. Even with two bad reviews on prAna technical pants I decided to look them up. No drawstring! What really hooked me? A built-in webbing belt, which means I won’t have to wear an actual belt with my pack or harness. Even with a review from Steph Davis herself I wasn’t fully convinced. I needed to do more research on the Moab Pant; because I’m a girl who debates for too long on whether I should order them, orders them, thinks maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much money knowing that if they don’t end up working I will probably keep wearing them anyway. (I know, ridiculous, right!?) However, after looking at reviews online and other brands recommended by girls who climb, I decided that the Moab Pant still intrigued me the most. I searched sites that offered them, ( doesn’t seem to offer them anymore) and found that was having a sale. $60, originally around $75, free over-night shipping and returns (Not to mention the color and size I was looking for).

Two days later I’m ripping open the box to my soon-to-be favorite pair of pants, wondering if Steph Davis gets this excited about a new pair of pants in the mail. Love at first sight. Well, not really, but just as soon as I tried them on. Did I just find technical pants that are actually technical and “cute” too?!

Sizing/Length: Hello number sizes, women are not small, medium, large; thanks for noticing prAna! Now, if you would just notice that we don’t all have the same inseam… These pants run in a 31.5″ inseam and at 5’7 I feel like they are just about the right length but I wouldn’t want them any shorter.

Knowing that prAna pants fit me a little big, I ended up trying one size smaller than I would usually wear in other brands and they fit perfectly.

Material/Color: The material is light weight (97% nylon, 3% spandex), meaning they pack light, while still being durable and stretchy enough to climb in. I loved the color I had chosen, (pewter) and they fit me without looking baggy in any weird areas. These pants are flattering and don’t look like your typical loose-fitting technical pants. There are no cargo pockets, which I can’t decide if I like or not. Colors and sizes are becoming limited, but depending on the site you visit, you may find: Khaki, Pewter, Espresso and Black. I went with a darker color to avoid the dirty, stained look.

My favorite part about these pants? Built in adjustable belt. I suppose finding a pant that won’t stretch out at all while your hiking is impossible, but with the built-in belt that cinches down, these pants stay in place and fit great under a harness. I love you adjustable belt!

New favorite hiking pants

Cons: If I’m going to get picky I would probably like them a little longer and an extra pocket would be helpful but not necessary.

While I still wear my prAna Monarch Convertible Pants for casual wear, the Moab Pant is quickly becoming my go-to pant for hiking, climbing, working, you name it.

So, what’s your favorite pair of technical pants?

For further questions about my opinion of either pant please ask. I’d also love to hear your opinion if you have tried them. I’d like to thank Steph Davis for recommending the Moab pant.

Edit: Very excited to have this review featured on Outdoor Women’s Alliance website; be sure to check out their fabulous site as well.





14 thoughts on “prAna Moab Pant vs prAna Monarch Convertible Pant

  1. I’ll have to look into these- My favorite pants ever are a pair I got on steep and cheep for like $17- I think the brand is Blurr- or something like that. They’re sturdy enough material, but with some stretch to them- have the built in tie/belt thingee, and they’re cute enough to wear around…AND they make my butt look good. Which is of course, the number one thing you should be concerned with, when about in the back country. 🙂

    1. Jill if you try them I’d love to hear what you think!
      Eileen they sit right above my hip bone, they aren’t the highest pant but I personally like the rise. I tried squatting in them and they didn’t get too low, but it was close. 🙂

  2. I am surprised you didn’t love the Prana Monarchs. I wore them for a 3 day backpacking photo shoot in Moab, UT while it was very HOT. I wore them as capri length durring the day, and they never showed rings of sweat like my shirt did. They looked crisp and clean the whole trip. Dirt just brushed off. I zipped on the bottoms to stay warm around camp at night. I was seriously amazed by these pants. Anything that still looks good, feels comfortable, after 3 days in the dirt is awesome. I liked the drawstring. I tied it up and they stayed up fine. They started loose and didn’t seem to stretch out too much by the end of the trip. My pack didn’t push them down at all. I have been searching for a pair of my own. (I had to return the photo opp pair to the rightful owner)

    1. Hi Jana, thanks for stopping by! It’s always good to hear what other people think because pants fit everyone different. I agree they’re great material! I wanted to like these pants but the draw string thing just drove me crazy. I would like to try the new monarch pants and see how they’ve improved. I would also probably start with a smaller size than last time and see if that helped the situation at all.

  3. Love the Monarch in Tall because the rise is so tight in the front on the regular inseam. Which is a problem that they are aware of. Need to hem a bit, but they are the most comfortable pant ever.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for swinging by! My pants are probably a little outdated at this point. I’d love to try the new version in tall. Thanks for sharing!

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