Peanut Butter Power Balls

My friend posted this snack on Facebook and I immediately took interest because it’s as simple as cooking gets. She often makes them with kiddos or as a snack for short hikes. I’ve found that they’re perfect for winter days because they need to stay cold or they get sticky. All of you ice climbers and skiers out there here is the perfect snack to bring along! Just put them in a Ziploc bag in the snow and I bet they would stay perfect!

6 simple ingredients

Power Balls:

1 cup of honey
1 cup of peanut butter (I use natural peanut butter so it’s not sweet, if you use something like Skippy you might want less honey)
3 cups of dry oatmeal or rolled oats (You want to the mixture to clump w/o being too sticky so I usually eye-ball the oats)
Flax seed (ground if you can find it – as much as you want)
Dark chocolate chips (as much as you want)
Craisins or dried cranberries or pomegranates  (again as much as you want.)


What to do:

Mix the honey & peanut butter until its smooth and then dump in the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything together. Add more oatmeal if they seem too gooey.

Use your hands to form balls (what ever size you want) and put them on a cookie sheet to put in the freezer for a couple of hours so they are less sticky.

After they have been frozen for an hour or two, they won’t stick together too much and you can store them together in Tupperware or whatever you like.

Keeping them frozen or at least refrigerated helps a lot. They pack well for shorter hikes if they start frozen.



Thanks to Melissa for telling me about these!


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