Torreys Peak. Kelsos Ridge 08 and 4th of July 09

For a front range 14er I have had some fun on this one! Type one fun!

The whole gang on the summit of Torrey’s Peak
My breaking into cars buddy Shawn and I at the summit after doing Kelsos Ridge

Summer 08- At this point I had summited Mt Beirstadt and had failed miserably on Mt Sherman, so it must be time to try a class three climb right? Shawn thought so!  (refer to link on class three for more information on difficulty ratings).

Kelsos Ridge

To start off this hike, the dog Shawn was watching and Bradley locked themselves in my Jeep Grand Cherokee, by stepping on the lock button attached to my keys. Breaking into my car to get the dogs out proved to be more challenging then class 3 on Kelsos Ridge. We tried a few things and considered breaking a window, but one stick and a few pieces of wire later we got in.

After all that, we made it up Kelsos Ridge. There were a few parts that had me nervous but I loved every second of it! To keep this trip report short I will just add photos because those are the most interesting! Check out the exposure on some parts.

My first experience with a little exposure

My favorite part of the entire climb was the mini knife edge at the end of the route that you have to kind of scoot across. Since this route I’ve done more class three and this is still one of my favorites!

me on the knife edge

July 4 2009- Fourth of July Party on top of Torreys Peak.

Adam suggested we hike Torreys with him, Joe and some of their friends for a fourth of July party on the summit. His plan was to carry a (pony) keg up to the summit, and that I

The night before

couldn’t miss. Nothing that exciting ever happens during the day on the 4th of July anyway.  Tracy and I headed up to the trail head to meet everyone the night before. After making some smores and hanging out around the fire, we all went to bed and woke up early to get ready. The day was a little overcast but no rain in site so the boys organized all of the stuff, handed off a few small things to anyone who had room for it and off we went. A keg on Adam’s back, A grill on Joe’s back, burgers, brats, dogs, two whole watermelon, a chair or two and some flags started up the trail.

Joe and I headed up

Tracy and I who had carried hotdog buns ( or something that didn’t take much work) went ahead. The strange looks we got from people hiking that day were priceless. People  would stop to take photos of Joe and Adam, (who not only was carrying a keg but was sporting a crazy beard and red, white and blue sunglasses) along the way. At one point Adam looked like he might not make it to the summit, and I had to laugh a little. Of all the times he’s pushed me past my limit, it took a keg to bring him down to how I feel on every hike. 🙂

Snow traverse

At the summit we pulled out everything we’d brought, threw on our jackets and Adam tapped the keg. He made it clear that he would not be carrying that thing full back down the mountain so we better drink up. On a holiday weekend such as this, a front range 14er sees plenty of traffic, there were never more then a few minutes before more

Joe cooking up some food at 14,000′

people reached the summit, completely shocked at what they found. Most had heard we were there but until they actually saw us they didn’t know what to expect. We offered them burgers, hotdogs and beer and most people gladly accepted.

Bradley eating watermelon

One family who had dragged there young teenage son up Torreys had bribed him to keep going by telling him he could have a beer with us when he reached the summit. (Only in Colorado)

Tracy, Adam and I with the keg on top

We stayed on the summit for at least two hours offering up Killians and food to anyone who summited and was of age of course :). At one point keg stands started happening and though I’d never had the interest to do one before I knew I had to try one.

had to…

How often do you get the opportunity to do a keg stand on the summit of a 14er anyway?!

Note Adam’s comment

When the keg was empty and everything was packed up we headed back down, not before signing the registrar at the summit. I’m pretty sure no 4th of July has ever been this fun! Thanks guys!!

Adam and Joe headed back down

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