Mt Princeton 09 and 10

Mt Princeton 09 ski descent.

My old room mate Adam decided it was time for me to try out a ski descent on a 14er. Weary of this idea, I decided to go along anyway. Because, me miss out on trying something new?!

We strapped my skis and boots to one of Adam’s backpacks and off we went. While I trusted he knew what my limits and abilities were I still knew they’d be pushed, but I didn’t know how far. One thing that’s always guaranteed when I hang out with Adam is that my comfort level will be pushed. At the time it’s not always fun, but I can’t thank him enough in the long run.

Adam on Princeton
Adam on Princeton

The weight of my skis and boots on my back slowed me down a lot. We decided that in order to stay safe we needed to leave our packs and summit, or start traversing the scree field from where we were and ski down. As a precautionary, we wanted to make it down the snow before the sun began softening it, making it avalanche prone. I choose to traverse and ski because today it wasn’t as much about the summit (well both would have been nice) as it was about skiing my first 14er. I followed behind Adam as we traversed the long scree field.

At one point Adam pointed out a good line for me to ski and continued hiking farther up so that he could ride a line a little more challenging. I sat with Bradley for a while waiting for Adam to get back down to where I was. I followed him, not very gracefully, on the rough snow down the valley. At the end we sat in the valley and ate lunch and relaxed for about 30 minutes. For some reason it never crossed my mind that the only way back was straight up, over the large scree valley, to the trail.

Skiing down with Bradley at my ankles
Skiing down with Bradley at my ankles

The hike back was the most exhausted I’d ever been next to trying my near epic on Mt. Sherman the first time around. Still, I’m glad to have friends like Adam, who are willing to take me out and push me to try something new.

Adam and I on the hike back down, Princeton behind us. I'm surprised I'm smiling at this point!
Adam and I on the hike back down, Princeton behind us. I’m surprised I’m smiling at this point!

06/18/10 Mt Princeton

Andrew, Bradley and I set our sights on Mt. Princeton for our first 14er of the summer. I hadn’t summited it the first time and wanted a little redemption.  We headed up to the trailhead the night before and I had forgotten how bad that road was, and it’s a little too narrow for my liking. We slept in the car and started the hike early the next morning up the rest of the road to the trail head.

Sunset on Princeton trailhead
Sunset on Princeton trailhead

Near the beginning of the trail the sun was starting to create alpine glow on the mountains around us.

I hadn’t remembered how much of a scree field (rocks) Mt. Princeton was, but it quickly turned to scree for the a majority of the hike. Bradley’s paw’s began to get cut-up and he wasn’t very happy about the hike by the time we summited.

Summit of Mt. Princeton 14,197'
Summit of Mt. Princeton 14,197′
Bradley on Andrew's shoulders
Bradley on Andrew’s shoulders after a cut-up paw

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